Anime girl with blonde hair and glasses

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How do you describe a person with their glasses? Geeky, nerdy, the brainy one, and of course, the clever cat. Did I miss out on anything? While we have a profound love for our favorite female cartoon charactershave you ever thought about the of characters donning the glasses? How many can you recall at an instance?

Velma, Gretchen, Meg, who else? The glasses were an extra enhancement that made them love more, what say? I felt the characters look much cute and smart with their glasses on. Did nostalgia hit hard? Get glued to the section below and have a hearty read about the female cartoon characters with glasses.

Image Source. Popularly called Sam, she made an appearance as a young weather intern who aspired to become a weather reporter, in the cartoon series Cloudy with a chance of meatballs. Sam is possessed by a host of qualities like friendly natured, optimistic, warm-hearted, brave, fun-loving, and outspoken.

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Honestly, she is a brainy girl, but sometimes can be insecure as well. Connie Maheswaran is one of the major characters from Steven Universe. Large eyes, dark skin, and the sword that she carries make her stand out in the crowd. Did you watch out for this one from the list of female cartoon characters with glasses? Anime girl with blonde hair and glasses, she later featured in its spin-off show, Daria. Daria is a smart, intelligent, and misanthropic teenage girl.

She is not the quintessential pretty damsel. Rather, she is intellectual, unfashionably dressed, pessimistic, cynical, and sarcastic, who is portrayed as the icon of sanity in an insane household. This particular name from the list of female cartoon characters with glasses needs no introduction. The orange attire, geeky glasses, short red hair, along with the immense knowledge emitted on any given topic, are the qualities that make Velma so lovable. Sometimes, she can go over the top; however, she is the smartest of them all, so no way we can leave her behind.

Yes, we are talking about the sophisticated Margo Gru from Despicable Me. The girl with dark red hair and a ponytail on it, with nerdy specs, Margo was eleven years old, and the eldest of the three girls that Gru adopted. Before she got adopted, she had a horrible life controlled by Miss Hattie. All that she wished for was to be adopted by someone who would love and care for them. Margo is a sensitive and straightforward person who takes time to open up in front of people and is apprehensive about trusting people in the first instance. Linda Gunderson-Monteiro, or to be precise Linda is one of the major characters from Rio.

Also, this name from the list of female cartoon characters with glasses is the owner of Blu Macaw Books, the bookstore one floor above her home. Edna was a fictional character from the movie The Incredibles. She was a terrifically mad deer and gained much prominence after deing clothes for several superheroes.

Edna also shared a special bond with Mr. So, there is a need to de costumes. A red cap paired with a red sweater, short hair, and big black dresses is the features that describe the next name in the list of female cartoon characters with glasses.

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Megan or Meg Griffin is a fictional character from the animated television series Family Guy. Honey Lemon is a superhero possessed by the human characters. Being one of the Big Hero 6, Honey Lemon is bubbly, eternally optimistic, and outspoken. One of the main characters from the group of six in Recess, slender, pig-tailed, large-teethed, and specked Gretchen is my personal favorite.

She is intelligent, smart, friendly, sweet, and comes up with the coolest ideas when the gang faces any trouble. She loves her friends from the group, as much as we do her. That seals the deal for female cartoon characters with glasses. Who is your favorite from the list? Also, all the characters above depict the fact that being nerdy is cool. Or, to be put differently, specks are sexy. The real world might sometimes be harsh to the people with specks, calling them different names like nerdy, weird, geeky, etc.

So, put your glasses on, tune into your favorite cartoon show, and forget what the world says. Related Posts. They act as …. It almost feels like a ….

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30 Best Blonde Girls In Anime (Ranking The Cutest Characters)