Anime girl gym clothes

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The de consists of two pieces; a short-sleeved white shirt and depending on if the wearer is female or male legless briefs or shorts, respectively. Sometimes a nametag of the wearer is added to the chest as well. Like the other two, wearing a School Sport Uniform can be done for the obvious purpose of doing sports at school or otherwise or sometimes a modest form of Fanservice. It also invokes a feeling of nostalgia much like the other two about the times during high school.

Plus it's Moe if worn by a cute girl. It can also show a character to be competitive, like during a school sport festivalespecially if the character also dons a Martial Arts Headband. It should be noted that in Real Lifethis style of uniform is considered old-fashioned particularly the bloomers, Anime girl gym clothes have been replaced with regular shorts and is rarely worn nowadays.

Also see Joshikouseiwho usually wear them and She's Got Legs which in this trope's case are usually quite athletic. Community Showcase More. Follow TV Tropes. You need to to do this. Get Known if you don't have an. Anime and Manga. In general, this outfit will appear in just about any school series set in Japan and sometimes even somewhere else when physical activities are involved because, much like the traditional School Swimsuitof its sheer iconic value and cute, simple elegance.

Volleyball-focused shows Attack No. Bloomer Blue Maniacs : As the name suggests, this outfit is worn; specifically, the protagonist Chiihaya sees a girl in bloomers pass by her, which gets her attention, so she begins the search for her "Bloomer Girl". In Gonna Be the Twin-Tail!! Used in Haruhi Suzumiyamainly in the first episode, when Taniguchi spends the P. Their briefs, in particular. The anime adaptation of Noucome features Ouka Yuuouji and Konagi Yawakaze wrestling each other while wearing Japanese bloomers, in a scene played entirely for fanservice reasons.

Used in Highschool DXD by the Occult Research club female member for the joy of Issei in the dodgeball match against the Student Council, another group who have a rivalry with the research club. The Irregular at Magic High School : Erika Chiba wears this during one episode but comments are made that it's a severely outdated style not commonly worn anymore.

Puella Magi Anime girl gym clothes Magica has them as part of Homura's "awesomeness montage" in the first episode, and again much later, in a flashback where she's considerably less good at everything. This includes a mild fanservice shot of her doing a high-jump in slow motion, which might be why the whole segment was cut from the Compilation Movie.

Nanoka and her friends are shown wearing these in Koi Kaze. Notably, this doesn't appear to be fanservice, but instead serves as one of the details that date the timeframe of this series to the nineties. Comic Books.

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Robin : Despite being a school in New Jersey all Gotham Heights High students are required to wear this, a uniform white t-shirt shirt with maroon shorts for P. Like with everything else, the girls of Gensokyo are often drawn in fan art or Fan Vids wearing School Sport Uniforms. This is especially prevalent with the more "close-combat" oriented characters, such as Hong Meiling, Youmu Konpaku, Yuugi Hoshiguma or Byakuren Hijiri, but certainly Anime girl gym clothes exclusive. Film - Live Action. Featured constantly in the Japanese film Give It Allwhich is released in but set in the 70s.

Video Games. Being a fighting game series you can expect good looks at their legs. Elsword provides a few: Aisha, Ara and Eve can equip the classic combination of white T-shirt and bloomers, while Rena adds a jacket to her ensemble. Elsword goes with the typical male version, in other words gym shorts, Chung dons the female version since it's cuter and Raven goes for the PE teacher look trousers, jacket, kendo stick. Pangya : The "Passionate Training Set" is available for multiple characters which consists of a jacket, the bloomers and additional items like shoes.

The set changes some animations like shots or the Idle Animation in the lounge. So you get to see plenty of leg and a bit of her behind during her fights.

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In the sequel "Project Justice"she switches to a regular pair of gym shorts. Senran Kagura has this as a costume you can get in some of the games. Additionally, Hibari was deed with this look in mind, though switching the shirt out for track jacket. Konoha from Arcana Heart wears an outfit what is a school sport uniform mixed alongside with ninja accessories. Yuugi Hoshiguma from Touhou wears a shirt that strongly resembles one, which makes sense as it would be easy to do exercises in that. Present in Yandere Simulator.

Notably, if Yandere-chan splashes something onto another student, they will wear this outfit Anime girl gym clothes the rest of the day because their uniform is wet. It's also an option for Yandere-chan to wear if she has to burn her uniform to hide evidence of her murdering someone. Ensemble Stars! Being an idol school, it also has a specific uniform for idol activities, which involves a white v-necked t-shirt, a blue jacket with some gold trim, a grey belt, and grey pants.

Visual Novels. The female extras in various scenes of the anime also generally wear this style when appropriate, sometimes with jackets. Katawa Shoujo : Emi Ibarazaki practically lives in one. Alternative Title s : Bloomers. Show Spoilers. How well does it match the trope?

Anime girl gym clothes

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