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Hey guys, it is Kousei here again! This is another common thing in anime, so I hope to know more. So far I only know 3,and have little information about that. Sorry if I didn't go in depth enough. With that said, let's start! Eye patches are the things which are used for the characters to protect their eyes from being seen. They are also often seen for pirates, and can appear in different shape and sizes, such as squarish ones or other shapes.

This is because their eyes consist of destructive power or it disturbs people's visions. They need to prevent others from seeing to either hide their "trueselves" or simply to avoid themselves from hurting other people. I have here with me 4 examples, so I wanna talk about it. Ciel Phantomhive is the main protagonist for the anime Black Butler.

He is in charge of the Phantom's house and has a Butler called Sebastian Michealis, whom he had made contract with. Ciel then has a star under his eyes after he removes his eye patch. He wears it so that no one else will know his relationship with the demon, or else they would try to get his powers. Ciel's eye without patch are also too strong for one to handle, Anime boy with eye patch it is used to summon Sebastianit certainly isn't the best thing for Ciel to reveal his eyes, or it would be exposing his dark secret.

As much as people will question Ciel about his eye and is curious about why it is covered, he definitely looks more gentle and better with something covering his eyes. Besides, you wouldn't like it if you see someone with purple eyes with a Anime boy with eye patch in the middle of the street, will you? If people had Ciel's eyes, the world of Kuroshitsuji will be chaos, so good boy Ciel makes sure his eyes are well taken care of.

Kaneki is another well known protagonist from one of the most famous anime, Tokyo Ghoul. He is a half ghoul to be specific, as he has half of a ghoul's organs. This can be pretty much be seen from the beginning of the anime, in either episode 1 or 2. Before Kaneki became stronger, he had the eye of a ghoul, which is red and in colour, but his pupils are still black. I am pretty sure all of you know that So then, why was it essential for Kaneki to have a patch for his eye?

This is so that the CCG, which are the "survey corps" in the anime, will not catch him and try to kill him or fight with him, as Kaneki was also too weak to manage and control his own kagune, since once he takes out his patch, he would go on ram mode, which is hard to control. Kaneki was also disturbed at the fact that he was no longer human, but a half ghoul, so having his eye patched will make him feel more comfortable being around other people who aren't ghouls and not stand out.

This then prevents Kaneki from getting into unwanted trouble, since his Kagune was one of the strongest, and have massive destructive power, as seen from the fight between him and Amon. His eye might also be disturbing for other people to look at, so it was only the best for Kaneki to hide his ghoul side from others. He would also be able to make friends and be with them safely. Kaneki also can control his emotions and is definitely more kind with his patch, so I can honestly say Kaneki has his patch to not only not attract so much attention, but also avoid getting involved with fights with the polices who catch ghouls and kill them.

Rikka is one of the strongest character in the anime. Despite how innocent she looks, she has an amazing power which is honestly unbelievable! I saw the trailer on it, so I don't know much about it. However I can derive that her eyes are also no different from others like Kaneki or even Ciel. Rikka, similar to the main lead from the anime Another, also has to hide her eyes from being exposed.

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She once asked her "boyfriend" if she wanted to know what was under the patch, and he was also filled with curiosity and surprise. Rikka's power Anime boy with eye patch only seen when she is having a battle with others, which is scary. Her eyes are yellow in colour and has a huge red ring once she releases her power. Her eye can actually fight with people and is probably her strongest side, since she has to fight with other people.

Before she releases her full power and make it an instrument for her to fight, she shouts, "Come forth, Schwarzsechs Prototype Mark II! Reality be rent! Synapse, break! This world! It's a really cool process honestly, so I believe she hides her eye because she doesn't need it in battle. She only uses it to fight, so I can say that her eye being patched is to prevent people from seeing what the eyes can really do. Mei Misaki is the female protagonist from the anime, Another, which is one of the better horror anime. Mei is regarded as not alive due to the curse that was in her class.

She has the same name as the girl who killed the others 26 years ago. Her friends treat her like a ghost, while her "boyfriend", Sakaikibara doesn't, which is why she asked him, "What if you were you the only one who could see me? She lost her left eyes due to a disease when she was four, and her eye was given to her by her mother.

However, Mei doesn't like the different shades that are under her eyes. Why does Mei have to hide her real eyes then? This is because it looks like that of a doll from the creepy doll shop which many people avoid going, and I believe it is because the dolls do look a bit suspicious unlike other dolls. Mei also hide eyes so that people won't be scared of her, even though they constantly act as if they weren't there, and Mei's eyes under the patch does make people uncomfortable, but at least she protects it.

With that said, thank you so much for reading this! Hope you all enjoyed it! I hope to see you all again for another blog! If this is featured, thank you! I am so sorry I hardly know anything about these people. Okay, because I know she's a really popular character, and I don't really feel too good when I don't know that much.

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Anime boy with eye patch

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