2000 cc implants

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Back inafter my second child was born, my normal B size breasts changed drastically when my milk came in. I was devastated with the way they looked. Needless to say I wanted them fixed. I had my first augmentation back in I was not thrilled with the size but it was better than before. Now once my third child was born, my breasts stretched even more. I decided to have them redone, but I did better research this time, so I thought! I knew what I wanted this time, so I searched for a doctor that I thought would fix my issues.

When I had my consultation with this new doctor, I explained that I wanted full round breasts. I have large nipples, so I wanted large breasts to go around them. I also wanted him to give me better cleavage. Which I 2000 cc implants told the doctor.

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He reassured me, that he could do it for me. And that he was confident that I would be happy, with the. Well my excitement ended very quickly, once I woke upand looked down at my breasts! My breasts were the exact same size, as before surgery!! Not only were they the same size but my cleavage area, was never touched. Thousands of dollars, I handed this man, and this is what I paid him for!!! I was so upset. All I could do was cry. The only thing this doctor did, was change my implants from high profile saline, to moderate profile saline.

And for that much money, I expect to see a difference. I was still wearing the bra before surgery. So that says it all!! My husband worked so hard to get this money for me, and I basically just gave it away. I had one more child inand by I told my husband what had happened with this past surgery. He was upset, but he knew there was nothing that could be done about it now.

Since we were not planning to have any more kids, he said lets try this one more time. I knew I really needed to dig in and research doctors that would do the size I want, and that had pictures to prove it. From to I saved up and researched hard. I was determined to find the perfect doctor to 2000 cc implants x-large augmentation and fix all my issues. I came across two doctors that do x-large breast augmentation in California.

I researched both but found the one doctor, I felt met all of my expectations. The doctor I chose was Dr. Amy Bandy. And in the videos I instantly fell in love with her, soft personality, and 2000 cc implants nature about her. She seemed to be very passionate about her work and I could tell she would listen to me. I want a doctor that does everything they can to meet my expectations, instead of what they think I should look like! So after reading and watching every thing there is on Dr. Bandy I just knew, she would be performing my surgery. I would like to thank Dr.

Bandy and her staff for taking such good care of me, and for being so friendly and listening. When I went in for my consultation, I was very nervous. I was put in a room and was met by Dr. She made me feel so comfortable and went over all my concerns.

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When Dr. Bandy came in, she was just as I expected her to be. A soft spoken, genuinely nice lady. She asked about my wants, and my past surgeries.

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I could tell once I explained the unhappiness I felt about myself and my past surgeries, that she was not going to let me leave feeling that way again. I told her all the things I wanted done, and explained that I was so scared to wake up from surgery, and see no difference like I had for my surgery.

That way I could watch the entire surgery, 2000 cc implants decide my size right then and there!! I was so happy, to hear that. I knew for a fact that I would finally have my dream breasts. Of course the thought of pain worried me, but I have a high tolerance for it, so I was instantly on board for this. I knew for the first time, that I had chosen the perfect doctor! Melissa went over the price with me, and I was very happy to hear that Dr.

So you could imagine how ecstatic I am. Every concern and desire, has been met by her. The morning of surgery, I was dressed and walked into my surgery room. The nurse explained everything that she was doing. I was wide awake, and just had my arms strapped down to my side for safety. The room was small and comfortable as well as soft music playing in the background. I had been given a Valium to relax me, so when Dr. Bandy walked in I was ready to go.

The local that she put around 2000 cc implants breasts, were painless. I mean, a vaccine shot was way worse than this. I felt no pain at all. We joked and laughed through the whole process. I watched everything and I determined the size, not Dr. Which, never happens with other doctors. She let me control, the way I wanted to look. I would do this surgery, by local anytime, again and again.

I recommend to any woman,to not be put to sleep, now that I know how easy this was. And to be able to stand up and really look at myself, without being groggy, was so worth it.

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Bandy is not only one of the sweetest ladies I have ever met, but she is by far the best plastic surgeon out there. She met every single expectation of mine and more! I will never forget the experience I had. My recovery was so fast and I can finally say, I love my new boobs. Meet Mandy and hear her story on getting to 1,cc implants…. I will start from the beginning of my many years, feeling ugly, embarrassed, and ashamed of my breasts.

Thanks, Mandy.

2000 cc implants

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